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Windows coda: Running Powershell scripts from Ubuntu Bash

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Ok, I finally wrestled this one to the ground, but it is a little complicated and unintuitive. First off, if the you have a Powershell script and it doesn’t need administrative mode, you have to run it this way. Hat tip to Raymond for this one. As should be obvious in retrospect, in WSL, you…

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Argh all my smart outlets fell of the network how to reset Satechi, Wemo and Vocalinc and how to rest it all

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Well, I have to say that while I love the move to Apple Homekit for all my home automation, this little life in the pandemic world revealed some real problems with the “cheap” devices. The main problem is that some of these things demand a 2.4Ghz only network. And they don’t respond super well to…

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Champagne with metal clamp on the stopper top

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Ok, we’ve been getting some champagne as gifts and we got a strange one today. It had a huge steel clamp on the top of it as well as a shrink wrap. It is a metal clamp on top and the cork itself is really compressed like 2-3mm so that you can’t just slide it…

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The final say Windows/Linux Part Finale

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Well, the documentation and guides on how to do this are pretty horrible, but I think I’ve finally figured out all the tradeoffs if you want to have a modern development environment (eg Linux) and also use Windows applicatiions because there are some, like Unreal Engine or Airsim, which simply don’t run well without the…

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Windows for Linux Users Part 3: Enable symlinks

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OK, this is the hopefully final post, it turns out that I also use symlinks extensively and this is not enabled by default with Windows so a simple ln -s myfile otherfile fails, to make this work you have to do three things: You have to enable developer mode in Windows, this is in Settings/Update…

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More living with Windows: weirdness with colon sin file names and git-lfs and OpenSSH v8 authentication

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Well, here are some more notes about living with Windows. I do have to say, what pain to get this running, but the path of just using git-bash seems to work with a few caveats that are really annoying, but here are some tips, but I was getting a very obscure error message. It was…

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Geddie USB C Adapter burning smell yikes! and Power limits on USB C Adapters.

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Well, I’ve been experimenting with quite a few USB C adapters. And this is the first one that started to burn up. It is $25 from Geddie that is USB C to USB A, it has a USB C input for power, and HDMI input. It worked fine when I plugged it in the first…

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Down the rathole of catalytic converter theft, cages and dashcams

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Sometimes, I end up having conversations that feel like it is really “turtles all the way down.” This is from the Akupara (अकूपार) of Hindu mythology that says that the world Is held up by a turtle. When you ask, well what does the turtle stand on, another turtle. It’s just turtles all the way…