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Starlink is pretty darn cool as is the Model S Plaid

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Well, I can’t really figure out why I need a Tesla Model S Plaid or any 1,000 hp plus car that goes 0-60 in 1.99 seconds, but I sure do want one, if only because the idea of a carbon wrapped rotor spinning at 20,000 rpm to go 200 mph is such a cool idea….

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More weirdo Vim hacks dealing with Windows

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OK, normally, I don’t use vim windows, they are really tiles, so I normally use separate windows and tools like Divvy and Hammerspoon to move windows around. Still, it is sometimes good to be able to see multiple windows particularly if you want to copy and paste between them. I haven’t spent much time learning…

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MP3 Tagging is Still a thing and Kid3 to Apple Music

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OK, I have some old MP3 songs that I wanted to (finally!) get into Apple Music. After realizing that some things like iMovie need DRM-free content, I was motivated. I had been using MP3Tag to do this work, but it has become a paid application, so looking for open source tools that would manipulate these…

Shooting, Editing and Making a Wedding Video all on an iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Well, this was quite the experiment, but instead of carry my trusty Sony A7R4 to a wedding, I wanted to see if you can really shoot an entire wedding, publish the photos and make a nice wedding video all on a single iPhone 12 Pro Max. And the answer is that except for some gotchas…

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One hour free wifi on Gogo with T-mobile broken could be International Roaming block

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OK, here is a weird one. One of the (many!) nice features of T-mobile is that in addition to their awesome Netflix On Us partnership (you get a $17 off the $24 Netflix premium plan) is their one hour of free WiFi and unlimited texting, iMessage, Whatsapp, etc on Gogo US flights which are on…

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MacBook Pro 2016 Ports May be Dying

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Well, I suppose it is a long to expect a computer to work, but my MacBook Pro 2016 is five years old and has been super reliable. However, today I plugged it into my trusty CalDigit ThunderBolt 3+ docking station and the CalDigit would not power up. Usually, when I plug it in, the blue…

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Wow Spatial Audio really is great but Lossless is hard to tell for me

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OK, I got this all setup, I’m now using an old DAC (from the iPhone 3G days!) that is a high quality one, this goes from USB to the DAC and then from there to 3.5mm to a banana plug to my Sennheiser 650s. If you want to try thi stuff: It is actually hard…

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Unity and Lo & Sons

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Wow, Lo & Sons makes some of the best bags and backpacks around. Wirecutter likes their Hakuba which is something that a new professional is going to need (hint!). And, we’ve had the OG for years and it has held up really well. The current OG 2 is just slightly refined with the laptop case…

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Latest (and best) Zoom settings

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If you have a MacOS then with v5.6.4 at least in June, they’ve added a bunch of really useful features. I don’t know whether this works on Windows or Chrome, but presume there are lots of differences between platforms. Also, this kind of stuff eats a lot of CPU. Right now I’m running using 65%…