HomeKit Part 4.0: RainMachine sprinklers, Water and Flood Detectors, Belkin Soundform Connect and Smart Blinds

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Ok, getting down to the last licks on HomeKit devices, but here is the next batch. RainMachine is great, HomeKit glitch First of all, we’ve been using the RainMachine over the weekend and I have to say I’m impressed, it automagically works remotely without having to do a sign on and it is really cool…

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Smarthome 2021: Homekit, Vocalinc, Tailwind, Rainmachine, Raspberry Pi Homebridge, Matter, and Thread too

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Well, time once again for the bi-monthly update on home automation. The main things are that we now have four different houses laid out with Apple Homekit as a base and here is what is working, some tips, tricks, and some traps that cover how to handle multiple homes, multiple users and gives a list…

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Argh, when you never print, issues with Brother HL-2380DW and Canon Pro9000 and doing passport photos

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About the only time I ever print anything anymore are for government forms (they still need lots of paper) and passport photos. I seem to never even do print photos anymore, so as a result, literally, our printers seem to be “bit rotting away.” So here are some notes if you have these old printers:…

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The latest update on low-cost mobile plans with T-Mobile One vs Magenta vs 55+ vs. True

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OK, time once again to look at the cost of cellular, last week, we had visited with Pete and Dave, so it a good time to review the cost of cellular plans. About five years ago, we switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. Thanks again, Mike for the “join discount” which was 20% or so as…

American Express Rewards on Apple.com and also trying Best Buy rewards

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It is really hard to get any additional credits with apple.com or Best Buy for that matter, here’s one interesting hack:. The big issue is that with most rebate items there are lots of exclusions. Everything from electronics to anything well useful American Express has a promotion with Rakuten. If you sign up and spend…